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Black Coffin!

Ultros - Plot 60, Ward 17, Empyreum

Welcome to the Crypt, Where All of your nightmares can come true!

The Bar

Head over for drink and gambling when open

Vip Lounge

Wander on over to find a place to relax with friends!

VIP info

Our VIP offers access to the VIP lounge.
Comes with free drinks all night
Free 20 min dance from one of our lovely dancers
RP or Eye Candy dance

150k a night
2mil to open VIP for everyone for the night
650k monthly
6.5 mil yearly

Monthly and yearly vips get access to our vip channel on the discord
For the length of your Vip

Ride The Tide MENU

SHALLOW TOMBSTONEA pungent infusion of several exotic spices, combined with Rum, and a splash of vodkaWITCHES' BREWHome brewed Fresh coffee mixed with a creamy LiquorGRAVEDIGGER TEARSStarts with pineapple juice, a shot of whisky, and shot of vodka and a splash of tears! DEMON'S POSSESSIONA beautiful Spiced Crimson Cider!DEATH'S DOORA dark nutty infusion. Combined with Rum, Vodka, and a splash of spice!POISON APPLETINIIt starts with Apple schnapps, brewed Chamomile flowers and a questionable bottle with a skull on it!Touka's SpecialSpecially made by Touka!NIGHTMARE

Starts with Fermented Lingonberries! Then it has House made Dark Rum, house made Gold Rum, an imported rum from the mist, A splash of whisky, 6 drops of 151 rum, and a dash of juice! It's a real scream!

The Black Coffin is Hiring! Visit our Discord and contact Kula, Fluffy or Shinja to inquire!~


Fluffy Heart, Rinoa & Shinja Vallana

Venue Owners

House DJS

Our main music makers!


code eamon

Role Preference: Domme
Sexuality: Bisexual
About: With glowing eyes and a knowing smirk, Code has been known to ruin the strongest of men and the most intelligent of women. Will you be able to resist her ravenous onslaught of pain and pleasure?
Likes: BDSM, dirty talk, all out sex
Turn offs: Toilet stuff, being talked down to

Siresi Maretyn

"Explosions?" a crazy pyromaniac but be careful she wont only light you on fire she may also take you to bed!

Kula Desu

Role Preference: Switch
Hometown: Kugane
The Black Coffins local Kinky Kitsune Kinks: Masochist, Magic Play, cnc,bdsm,watersports.
Turn offs: Gore,Scat everything is up for negotiations except turn offs
Does Private Dances Escort Can also just be your local lap kitten for the night for the right price.

Camille Sese

Role Preference: Dom Leaning Switch
Sexuality: Straight
About: This pearl plucked from beneath the ruby sea is sure to have you begging for more.
Likes: Power Play, Primal Kinks, Marking, Aftercare
Turnoffs: Toilet Play, Needles, Snuff

Miyuki Vallana

Role Preference: Switch
About Miyuki: A Performer with lots of flexibility in her skills as a musician, dancer, and lover.
Dislikes: Ask (but should be able to accommodate most requests)